This is a call for everybody. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old are you, what are your beliefs, or what do you like to do… I’m calling everybody to love, to respect other people, to help when you can, to smile at the lady at the supermarket, to give the homeless some food, to make a better world. Last week we had the Orlando shooting, that horrible massacre that took the lives of 49 innocent people and the shooter, also leaving 53 people at the hospital. This is so wrong, this is a hate crime, not only hate to the LGBTTQ people but the Latino’s community too. Some say that this is a hate crime against the gay community but I saw an article in which I read that he (Omar Mateen) hated all puerto ricans because he had a threesome once in which one of them (both puerto ricans) had HIV + and he was infected. He said he was gonna find vengeance and so did he.

Let’s stop thinking that this crime was all about just one group of individuals in particular, lets think about it like what it was, a guy with no mental stability who had easy access to guns and who was not happy with whom he was. Lets not make this about other than the people who were at Pulse Night Club that Saturday night, who just wanted to have a good time, to dance some salsa and bachata, and instead of that they died or were shoot and ended at a hospital. Lets focus on the recovery of those who are still at the hospital, lets focus on those who lost their family members or friends. Lets focus on the mental recovery of every one of the families who were affected by this.

Last night I was at the funeral of Jonathan A. Camuy, one of the victims whom I knew, and it was so warming seeing all the love that the people of our hometown Camuy, Puerto Rico showed, “the book” was totally full and there were balloons, pictures and a lot more, yesterday was his 25th birthday and was so sad that we shared this day with him but he couldn’t celebrate. Today is gonna be the hardest day, the day when we’re going to say the last goodbye to his terrenal body, we won’t see his smiling face again, but what we have to think right now is that the family need  us, the family needs to know that his son was loved by so many people, the same happens with the family of the  rest of the victims. If you know someone involved, let them know that they can count on you, that they’re not alone. Lets just love, everyone.

Lets just love… no matter the color

Lets just love… no matter the race

Lets just love… no matter the gender

Lets just love… no matter the age

Lets just love… no matter the religion

Lets just love… no matter the sexual orientation



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