Empty? that’s a word that means a lot. My stomach is empty, or my car is empty are good examples of what empty means, lack of something. I personally don’t like that word very much because it means I don’t have something and only pessimistic people see life that way. Let’s take another example, the glass one, when you have to decide whether the glass if half full or half empty. I like to see it like it’s half full, why? because I have something in it and I rather see whats inside and not what is not.

We have to see everything in life like that, forgetting to use the word EMPTY when is not completely necessary, seeing the good and not the bad things. Focusing in all that we have. If today we can post this here is because we have access to a computer (or a smartphone, tablet, etc) with internet, we have a lot. So thanks life every single day for what you have and don’t see it for what you don’t. -F.L.

Daily Prompt: Empty



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